St Patricks Church




Mass will be offered in St. Patrick’s Church during the coming week as follows:


Sunday                 at 12.00 noon

Monday to Friday    at 9.30 a.m.


The capacity of the church for Mass is 23.


You may hear Mass from St. Patrick’s Church at 12 noon by tuning in to 100 FM.


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St. Mary’s, Star of the Sea



Sunday Mass will be offered in St.Mary’s, Star of the Sea at 10.00 a.m.


Seating capacity in this church is reduced to 20 individuals.






COVID-19 Safety Measures


* Please observe the 2 metre social distancing.


* On arrival for Mass you will be invited to sanitise your hands with the sanitiser

   fluid provided.


* After you enter the church a steward will show you to your seat, starting at

   the front row.


* Since your seat will be allocated, please accept that you will be unable to sit

    in your usual place.


* Members of the same household are permitted to sit together in the same pew

    without the need to observe 2 metre distancing.


* At the end of Mass you will exit the church beginning from the seats closest to

   the entrance and invited to sanitise your hands again.


* The church doors are to remain open before, during and after services to ensure

    a flow of fresh air and better ventilation. 



Please keep safe